Spatial Skills Templates and Organizers

Spatial Skills are significant towards learning in all strands in SSHG. As students conduct inquiries using the Geographic Definition they can  analyze their data, maps and information they apply disciplinary thinking.

The Geographic Definition (Grades 7-12) is useful for organizing inquiries in all grades:
What is where? Why there? Why care?

Resources to support teaching/learning using the Geographic Definition
Geographic Definition Grades 1-6
Using the Geographic Definition-language/skills

The following disciplinary thinking resources are useful to support inquires
from grades 3- 12.

Use the following Introductory lessons to begin teaching the concepts of disciplinary thinking:

Significance (Spatial) , Interrelationships, Patterns and Trends , Perspective (Geographic)

Success Criteria for the Social Studies Thinking Concepts – Grades 1-6


Intermediate Grades 7-12
Success Criteria for Geographic Thinking – Grades 7-12

Click here to see and explanation of the Geographic Thinking Concepts (Grades 7-8)

Click below to access templates that students can use to apply Geographical Thinking to their investigations:
Significance,  Interrelationships, Patterns and Trends ,  Geographic Perspective