This video explains how an inquiry based classroom can be created. The teacher explains the key skills and environment that needs to created.

Guiding Questions

What key characteristics of an inquiry classroom are you developing? What are your next steps?

Educators reflect on the inquiry process and their role of preparing students for success . Students are engaged in their learning as they explore a large interactive map of Canada. They learn about different aspects of the physical features of maps. They reflect on their experience and the process of developing and asking their own questions.

Guiding Questions

How does your classroom environment maximize social studies learning? How can you effectively use primary source objects to support student inquiry? How can you encourage students to reflect on people and places in their own community as they develop an understanding of how “taking action” is an important part of citizenship?

This video focuses on how integrated teaching and learning techniques can engage and promote student learning. See how classroom walls can promote key concepts that are reinforced during conference discussions (success criteria and key concepts).

Guiding Questions

How can the use of primary sources be successfully integrated into other subject areas?
How can you support students as they learn to use new terminology, key concepts and success criteria?
What opportunities can you provide for students to reflect on and practice using new terminology and concepts?